Serving the Kansas City

Metro Area's office equipment needs for over 70 years!

At Office Machine Mart (OMM), we understand that documents are the key vehicle by which information flows through an organization. In fact, since 1941, we have been recognized as a leading provider of office equipment, service, and technology solutions to businesses of all sizes in the Kansas City Metro.


The office environment has radically changed since our humble start when businesses were using typewriters, carbon paper, and valuable office space for filing cabinets. Today, businesses depend on technology for almost every chore, whether it’s using e-mail to communicate, the Internet for research, or a copier to scan a document into the network. Replacing desktop printers with network-connectable products is dramatically adding to employee efficiency and significantly lowering the cost of document output. And with features like faxing and scan to desktop, these products do a lot more than just provide copies.


OMM has been there every step of the way, so we understand change and how it can bring tremendous efficiency to an office environment.


OMM has always understood that service is an integral part of ownership and that in many instances, service is more critical than the product itself. Therefore, we’ve consistently invested in quality people, state-of-the-art systems and customer-friendly programs to ensure our products maintain “high availability” to your users. Our sales consultants are trained not only on our products, but more importantly to understand your environment and provide you with cost-efficient tools that you view as a better solution. To ensure that we continue to offer the best, most cost-effective document-related technology, service and support to all of our valued clients, OMM has partnered with Xerox, the most trusted name in office equipment.